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Welcome to the Forgotten World Blog where we share our news and articles about the Forgotten World and beyond -  including the  Ruapehu district and life in New Zealand in general. 



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 Gotten of Matiere on release daythumbnail  

Gotten Of Matiere

Unable to fly, our little native ruru/morepork friend from tunnel 20 was rescued and healed

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   Example of Railway tearooms in NZ circa 1910  

Taumarunui on the Old Trunk Line

This song, iconic in New Zealand, is written about the tea break stop at Taumarunui when traveling on the main railway line between Auckland and Wellington.

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   Having fun aboard the new Ongarue on the Whanganui River  

The Whanganui River - Te Awa Tupua 

Rising in the mountainous heart of the North Island of New Zealand, the Whanganui River has for centuries been an important route of trade and communication with enormous spiritual significance for Maori.

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   Bridge to Nowhere thumbnail  

The Bridge to Nowhere

Constructed to give  pioneering families access to the Whanganui River,  they had all departed before the road was built

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