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Frequently Asked Questions

We appreciate all your questions! 

Here are some answers below to help in the organisation of your adventure into the Forgotten World.

Is there secure parking?


Vehicles may be left at the Forgotten World Adventures (FWA) depot car park free of charge


Vehicles may be left at the Eastern Taranaki Experience depot. A shuttle will then transport you from there to the start of your tour. For those experiencing The Ultimate, this is included within the cost of your tour. For those experiencing the Republic Rail Picnic and prefer to leave vehicles in Stratford and take a shuttle to Douglas, then a fee of $15 per head is payable to the shuttle driver.

There is off road parking at Douglas close to the line where The Republic Picnic tour departs at no charge.

Can the shuttle pick me up from my accommodation?


Yes, a FWA shuttle can pick you up from your accommodation in Taumarunui. This is a free service. Please advise us on booking if you require this service.


Yes, an Eastern Taranaki Experience shuttle can pick you up from your accommodation in Stratford. This is a free service for those doing The Ultimate. For those doing the Republic Rail Picnic it is $15 per person payable to the shuttle driver. Please advise us on booking if you require this service.

Can we get a shuttle to take us back from Stratford to Taumarunui or vice versa?

Yes a shuttle is available at a special FWA rate of $50 per person. Please let us know if you require a shuttle at time of booking.

Are we allowed to take alcoholic drinks with us?

We cannot allow alcohol to be consumed whilst on the line itself. Anyone in control of a railcart must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Are there any age restrictions?


Children travelling on any carts must bring their car appropriate car-seat for use in the cart, to ensure their safety.

All children must be fully supervised by an adult at all times.

The shorter tours seem to be proving more suitable for young children

Is there a child or family discount?

Only on the 5 Tunnel Tour.

Is there a Gold Card discount?


Can I bring my dog?


Can we go down to Whangamomona on the Twenty Tunnel Tour one day and do the return journey on the rails the next day?

Yes! Going both ways is a wonderful option. There is a discount of $50 per seat on the return journey. The total cost to travel both ways $520 per seat.

Do the rail carts link up to the Northern Explorer on the main trunk line in Taumarunui?

If you have a party of 10 or more you can organise with Kiwirail to have the Northern Explorer stop at Taumarunui. 

Or catch the FWA shuttle to the designated Northern Explorer stop at the National Park rail station for $25 per person.

I have made an online booking but have not heard anything from you?

You should have received an email within minutes of making an online booking. With modern technology there are often a variety of reasons why a return email may not have reached you. Spam filters, incorrect email addresses and full email boxes are just a few of what we have encountered. Be assured that your booking is very important to us and if you are at all concerned please call us (0800 724 522) or email us again including a contact phone number and best contact time so we can call you! 

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