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Experience a forgotten world

Nestled deep within the hidden valleys of New Zealand’s Forgotten World is the ultimate way to explore rural New Zealand. Travel along decommissioned railway lines in a self driven Rail Cart, through tunnels, over bridges and rivers to townships enriched with echoes of human endeavour.



Raw New Zealand beauty

Following ancient Maori pathways and built on colonial bridle paths formed late in the 19th century, the Forgotten World landscape is remote and mysterious. Explore a history unique to New Zealand, with stories and experiences that are truly unforgettable. 


A Forgotten World

Determination, ingenuity and human spirit across generations created the story that grew into Forgotten World Adventures.  This isolated landscape and experience is unique to the history of New Zealand railway and the pioneers that travelled this land in times gone by. 

    98 bridges

    24 tunnels

  142 km railway

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With an enriched past

You cannot forget this journey etched deep with human endeavour and woven with stories that resonate across generations.  The decommissioned railway lines follow  pathways forged long ago into the remote Whangamomona Republic and beyond linking the lands of the King Country and Taranaki.