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The 20 Tunnel experience will transport you back through history, and get you home in time for dinner. This is a full day and more than 80km of total immersion into the true stories and tall tales woven into this unique landscape. From Okahukura to Whangamomona (or in reverse on alternate days), you’ll discover a different vista unfolding every time you emerge from a tunnel.  Our most popular tour.

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Trip details

Price : $325 Per Person

20 Tunnel Tour  -  There are 2 Options:

20 Tunnel 1:  RailCarts travel along the line - Okahukura to Whangamomona

Time : Depart the FWA Taumarunui Depot at 7.30am and  arrive in Whangamomona approx 3.30pm. -  the "Same Day" shuttle will deliver you back to our Taumarunui depot at approx 5.45pm.

Choose this tour if you are planning to:

  • start and finish in Taumarunui OR
  • start in Taumarunui, stay overnight in Whangamomona and return to Taumarunui the next day OR 
  • start in Taumarunui and have your vehicle transferred to Whangamomona to continue your journey from there. (Choose vehicle transfer extra when making your booking.  Sorry we cannot transfer rental vehicles)

The Adventure:

Board the carts at Okahukura and enjoy the rural landscape of the King Country before plunging into the longest tunnel on the line.  Pass through the depleted settlements of Matiere and Ohura before arriving at Tokirima where lunch awaits you.  The afternoon takes you through the spectacular Tangarakau Gorge and on to Whangamomona.  Take a wander around the Republic before boarding our shuttle to travel by road back to Taumarunui along the famed State Highway 43 - The Forgotten World Highway.

For those choosing to stay overnight or longer in Whangamomona - you will find your luggage awaiting you at your chosen accommodation.  

20 Tunnel 2: - RailCarts travel along the line - Whangamomona to Okahukura

There are two departure options for this tour:

Time A : Standard Departure from Taumarunui:  You must be at FWA's Taumarunui Depot at 7.15am Once loaded shuttle buses depart for Whangamomona. The RailCarts depart Whangamomona  9.30am and arrive in Taumarunui approx 5.30pm.

Choose this departure if you are planning to:

  • start and finish in Taumarunui.  

Time B : Join the tour at Whangamomona:  Tour departs Whangamomona  9.30am and arrives in Taumarunui approx 5.30pm  -   The "Same Day" shuttle will then deliver you back to Whangamomona at approx 7.40pm.

Choose this departure if you are planning to:

  • start and finish in Whangamomona.  Bookings for accommodation in Whangamomona must be made by you directly with your chosen accommodation provider. OR
  • start in Whangamomona, stay overnight in Taumarunui and return to Whangamomona the next day OR 
  • start in Whangamomona and have your vehicle transferred to Taumarunui to continue your journey from there. (Choose vehicle transfer extra when making your booking.  Sorry we cannot transfer rental vehicles)

The Adventure: 

This is a great way to enjoy the line.  Either join us in Taumarunui and enjoy an informative bus ride down to Whangamomona, or meet us at the Whangamomona Hotel.  Peruse the Republic before boarding your RailCart for a great day on the rails. The longest tunnel of 1.5 km is saving the best for last!  If you joined us in Whangamomona we can then shuttle you back to Whangamomona at the end of your day if required.

If you have a preference of direction or you are planning on staying in Whangamomona either before or after your tour,  please phone or email us and our booking staff will ensure you have chosen a date that will work for you.

How about staying the night in Taumarunui at either end of your rail journey? Stay with us at the Forgotten World Motel. Either phone us or click here to view accommodation options.

Even if the date you are wanting is showing as fully booked do call and we can put you on a wait list in case we have a cancellation.

Group Bookings:

For groups larger than 15 we may be able to help you with special arrangements or your own special day.

There are discounts available for groups over 10.  Talk to our Group Booking specialist today. Email sales@fwa.co.nz


Due to the nature of a railway the schedule is subject to change.


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Important information

Included in your day:

Lunch, morning and afternoon teas and Same Day shuttles and of course your RailCart.

Our RailCarts are very easy to drive with a simple accelerator pedal and brake.  If you feel uncomfortable about driving and there is no-one in your party who would like to drive then please give us a call when you make your booking and we can discuss several options.

What to bring:

In this region the weather is changeable and it’s best to prepare for all conditions no matter the season  

Clothing that can be layered, including warm thermal/merino clothing with a good wind/rain jacket or shell is ideal.  The RailCarts have plastic side-curtains that provide good rain protection.

It can be very cool in the tunnels even in summer.

We suggest you have the following:

  • Sunglasses
  • Camera
  • Binoculars
  • Water and extra snacks if required - we provide lunch and morning and afternoon tea snacks
  • Windproof jacket with hood even in fine weather
  • Hat, scarf and gloves
  • Sturdy footwear with warm socks
  • Pack a rainproof coat and over-trousers if rain is predicted.
  • Any personal medication as required - especially allergy medications.  This is a rural environment with insects and pollens.
  • Sometimes there are local artisans offering a variety of local produce for sale at some of our stops.  You may like to bring along a little cash in case something appeals.


20 Tunnel 1

20 Tunnel 2

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