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We’re on a mission to make Forgotten World Adventures one of the top five attractions in New Zealand and we need a GM superstar to take us there

Due to recent publicity we have been inundated with interest in the position below.  We have included here the reply we have been sending out to all enquiries.  Please read it through and if you see yourself as the person who will make the difference at Forgotten World Adventures then please forward your application.

Thank you for your interest in Forgotten World Adventures - we've been amazed at the number of enquiries the newspaper article generated!
As it said in the article, we haven't found a general manager but we haven't really been searching because we've had our biggest quarter yet with Ian, the founder, back at the helm and a brilliant new operations manager.
However, if the right candidate comes along, we're happy to talk further.
We also need to correct some of the information currently out in the media. From a short 5 minute interview with our local reporter, this story has gone viral and has become a little distorted.
I have attached the original article so you can see the facts for yourself.
Original Article https://www.stuff.co.nz/business/99303600/exceptional-person-still-wanted-for-auckland-salary-job-in-taumarunui
We had 138 people apply for the position originally and there were many fantastic people among them. The right person for our business had to be exceptional though, and we were confident we had found that person.  Turns out, that the move wasn’t right for the family – when it came down to it, the move to Taumarunui didn’t get a unanimous vote!
The conversation with the reporter was that we had had a record November, were in the middle of one of our busiest periods, and were not really actively searching for a GM; this was on the back burner. The story has grown from there.
On flip side to this, even though the timing is not ideal (given we are in our peak season and had made a strategic decision to put the recruitment of an exceptional GM on hold until next year), we are now presented with a fantastic opportunity with over 600 applications. It appears that the media coverage has bought out an incredibly diverse range of people.
The next step for those of you reading this is, if you think you are exceptional, then you need to demonstrate this to us through your application in some manner. In other words we are not interested in a stock standard application with your resume.
If you have been attracted by the notion that we don’t require tourism experience, we need you to be very clear that along with being exceptional, our expectation is that serious contenders will be able to demonstrate considerable previous successes in middle and/or senior management, albeit these successes need not be in tourism.
The main goal of doubling our revenue over the next three years remains the same and you will be required to report to our board monthly.
Please email your application to careers@fwa.co.nz

Applications will close on Friday the 8th of December
 Kind regards

Wendy Cleary
Forgotten World Adventures

The Position - General Manager

We’re on a mission to make Forgotten World Adventures one of the top five tourist attractions in New Zealand and we need a general manager who has the skill set to take us there. We need someone with vision, strategic thinking and a proven track record at the helm.

We are looking for someone who is excited about doubling our revenue over the next three years, passionate about securing our position as a ‘bucket list’ experience for our target market, and focused on developing our reputation as an industry leader.  

The role will be based in Taumarunui, a fantastic place if you love the outdoor adventure lifestyle. The icing on the cake is we're offering a very attractive Auckland based salary, with the ability to earn healthy bonuses.

If you’re ready to help us take FWA to the next level and have the skill set to do so, we want to hear from you!

Applications can be emailed to careers@fwa.co.nz and must reach us by Friday 8th December


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